Aug. 1, 2011
This is a transcription of a Facebook discussion from years ago.

It is shared here for posterity.

Big Hill Cemetery


 This cemetery was located in a section remembered as “Big Hill.” It seems that the tombstones were often used as hitching posts as this was a favored place to picnic and the boy scouts camped in the area in the early 1900’s.

 In 1955 when Rodgers Street was extended the remains were boxed and moved toward the back of the property between Oscar F. Smith High School and the stadium. A single stone was erected which indicates it was one of the oldest cemeteries in the area and “Interments were from 1731 – 1859” (????).[the question marks beside the date were put there by Beth…I think she was calling into question that one of those buried there died in1876. ~V~]

 Those who were known to have been buried in the Massenburg Cemetery were:

 1. John Whiddow

B: 19 Sep 1730

D: 14 Apr 1796

Age 65 yrs. 5 mos. 3 days

2. Elizabeth Whiddon

D: 1767

“Wife of John Whiddon”

3. Mary Whiddon

D: 13 Jan 1818

“Who departed this life – age 78”

4. Abigail Whiddon

D: 1774

“age 13 months”

5. Joshua Corprew Whiddon

B: 1775

“age 13 months”

6. Thomas W. Gatewood

B: 1758

D: 1810

7. “In memory of John Peters who departed this life 7 Oct 1796, age 35


8. “In memory of Martha C. Camp Daughter of John Camp & Anne, his wife D: 12 Oct 1816 Age 17 years”

9. “To the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Corprew who was born the 10th day of June 1722 and departed this life the 7th day of Oct 1799”

10. Thomas Gatewood Candish “who departed this life on the 22nd day of July 1819 – age 23 mos.”

11. “Here lies the remains of Susanna Whiddon Died 1776 Age 18 mos.”

12. “In Memory of Elizabeth Tucker Peters, Daughter of John & Anna Peters, who departed this life on the 23rd day of Sep 1795, Age 9 years & 2 months”

13. “Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Anna Camp, wife of John Camp and daughter of John & Mary Whiddon, who departed this life the 31st day of May 1816, age

27 years.”

14. “Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Cunningham, Relict of the late Capt. William Cunningham, who was born Nov 30, 1758, and died May 31,1831, age 73 years. Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord.”

15. William W. Cunningham D: 29 Jul 1807, age 21 years

16. John W. Masenburg

B: 12 Jul 1789

D: 23 Jan 1825

17. Anne F. Tatem

B: 5 May 1805

D: 16 Aug 1876

18. “In memory of Alexander M. Ethridge who departed this life Oct 17, 1846

19. A. Wilson

20. W. C. Wilson (no information given but it is thought that this was William Wilson who was the clerk of the Norfolk County Court in 1828).

(Relationships cannot be assumed, i.e., John & Anne Camp noted as parent of Martha. Anna Camp noted as John’s wife died a few months before Martha and would have only been 10 years of age when Martha was born.)