South Norfolk Updates

October 23, 2012
Hot Projects

Parks and Recreation: The athletic field is being improved with lighting to support over 300 youth football and cheerleading participants. Bids opened for this project on October 3 and are in the process of being awarded. Temporary lights are currently provided by the City through the program conclusion in November.

Parks and Recreation: Following the demolition of South Norfolk Armory, the site is being developed as the Captain Consolvo Park. The park will include two multi-use practice fields, one with lights. Bids for this project were opened on October 2. The projected completion date is Spring 2013.

Development and Permits: D&P continues to work with the City Attorney’s Office to explore alternatives with the administration of the Derelict Structures Ordinance. These alternatives with be presented to City Council on October 23.

Spotlight Update

Economic Development:
Working 3 waterfront projects ($19 million investment and 94 jobs).
Moderating a panel of Real Estate experts at the November meeting of the Greater South Norfolk Business Consortium.

Bank of America Site- Acquired for potential 22nd Street Bridge.

A new art gallery / studio is considering a location on Chesapeake Ave.

Working on the purchase of sites for future economic development activities.

Public Works:
Met with SN business owners on October 15- 3 in attendance, working to address concerns.
Final paving is complete.
Dominion Power is installing streetlights over the next couple of weeks.
Crosswalks will be installed by mid-November.
Project is expected to be open by Thanksgiving.

Libraries: The new South Norfolk Memorial Library construction contract has been signed by the contractor and returned to the City. The contract is currently being processed by Purchasing. The construction company has indicated they intend to start work as soon as they have the formal notice to proceed. The construction contract for the Library has been awarded to MGP.
The South Norfolk Library has a new manager, Jessica Hartley.

Project Updates

Parks and Recreation: Field and cooperative maintenance agreement with youth football and cheerleading organization through November.
Public Utilities: Revamping drainage from Violet St. Pump Station to minimize water on playing field is complete.

Bureau of Community Programs:
The South Norfolk Community Day scheduled for September 29 was canceled because of inclement weather.

Support was provided for the October 6 National Night Out at Lakeside Park, including sponsoring the Family Movie Night activity and port-a-johns for the event.
Developing a public communication on the Partial Residential Tax Abatement Program for distribution to the community.

Public Utilities: The demolition of a house on Jefferson Street is complete, creating the location for the community garden.
Bureau of Community Programs: Staff is working with the community in the development of a Quality of Life grant to assist with the Spring 2013 planting.

Bureau of Community Programs: CRHA closed the sale of the property on October 17. A memo was sent to Council on October 18. The home was sold to persons intending on rehabilitation and owner occupancy.

Libraries: There is a new Library Manager at the Cuffee Community Center, Halima Davis. The Library will be hosting an annual Halloween Haunted House for children, providing job help to many patrons, afterschool activities and homework help for children, and organizing an African American Homeschooler’s Association for the region to help connect many of their community home school families. The GED classes being taught at the library are very popular.

Parks and Recreation: A Fall Festival and Crime Prevention program will be held on October 25.

Planning: At its October 18 meeting, City Council unanimously approved an application for a Conditional Use Permit (UP-12-26) to open a Dunkin Donuts restaurant at 1336 Poindexter Street. The application was approved with several stipulations, mainly related to drive-through speakers, buffer fencing, and signage.

Parks and Recreation: Plans are in the design phase for the revitalized Park and Boat Ramp to include a replica bridge segment for a stage, a modular skate park, and a dog park. Bushogging, trimming and edging will be complete October 23 for the bridge opening on October 29.

Bureau of Community Programs: Working with Parks and Rec and Public Works to incorporate a memorial to the original Jordan Bridge in the development of the park.

Fire: The Hess Corporation donated $1,500 to the Chesapeake Fire Department’s Foam Response Team. The Foam Team is one of several specialty units within the CFD assigned to Fire Station No. 1, located at 1201 20th Street in South Norfolk.

Parks and Recreation: Providing maintenance support for Adult Spring and Fall softball.

Public Utilities: The purpose of this project is to extend the existing 8 inch gravity sewer on Hoover Avenue south, approximately 200 ft. to provide service to the last three remaining lots at the 1500 block of Hoover Avenue currently without City sewer service.

The Engineering Task Order was approved by City Manager’s Office. The Notice to Proceed has been issued, and design is underway.

Bureau of Community Programs: The Bureau continues to work with CRHA to complete this project. Additional federal money has been identified to complete the commitment to construct a home 1308 Berkley Avenue; the appropriation of these funds will be decided in November 2012.

Planning: There has been a slight increase in infill narrow lot development where pre-platted lots that had one house constructed on them are razed and two smaller homes are constructed on the lots. This has resulted into some address change issues and we are working with E-911 and Information Technology to develop an acceptable addressing format as an alternative to multiple street address changes. An increase in construction may lead to a resurrection of the narrow lot design catalogue project.

Parks and Recreation: Senior Programs- Ceramics, Ongoing, Ceramics at Johnson Park Ceramic Center on Mondays, 8-10 participants in two two-hour sessions that last 10 weeks.

Parks and Recreation: Secured show mobiles for the bridge opening. Parks and Rec will continue to work with Figg Engineering Group on festivities celebrating the Grand Opening of the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge.

Bureau of Community Programs: The Bureau has been working to facilitate the needed special event permits for the grand opening events. Events span 3 days. The “Grand Opening Ceremony” is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 26, 10:30am at the Bridge Toll Gantries in Chesapeake. Saturday events include a 5K River Run and Walk, narrated bus tours of the bridge, BBQ picnic, exhibits, Halloween Costume Contest, Bridge Learning Center, E-ZPass Enrollment Center, and fireworks over the Elizabeth River. Sunday includes free “Sunday Drives.” The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge officially opens to 24/7 traffic on Monday, October 29th at 6 am. The first 25 vehicles to cross from each side of the Elizabeth River receive a commemorative “SNJB Official Pace Car 2012” car flag and other bonuses.

Parks and Recreation: In response to citizen concerns regarding goose droppings, Parks and Recreation is committed to clean walkways ASAP. Cleanup of the bulkhead is planned as a winter project for the Sheriff’s crew.

A memorial walk is planned for veterans from SN, Norfolk County or the City of Chesapeake who have lost their lives in WWI and subsequent wars. The walk is scheduled to be complete by July 2013. All monuments will be installed at one time. The conceptual plan has been approved by City Council. This project is in conjunction with Parks and Recreation and the SN Ruritans.

The 17th annual 4th of July Celebration and Parade is planned for 2013. A Phelps Brothers Music Festival Special event is also planned for 2013.
Park Rangers provide special patrols of Lakeside Park several times a day on weekends and special events in response to community concerns of weekend park use.

Parks and Recreation: The Senior Program, Yoga for You at the Portlock in SONO was moved to Indian River and Deep Creek Community Centers due to instructor requirements. Paint 4 Fun at the Portlock has been moved to River Crest Community Center.

Ongoing activities at the Portlock include:
Brickheadz VIB Club and community meeting space (Mayor’s Committee for Person’s with Disability, South Norfolk Revitalization Commission, Historic and Architectural Review Board, and the Fine Arts Commission.
City Council recently granted approval to allow alcohol at the Art Gallery at Portlock at SONO to better facilitate its use for special events such as receptions (subject to special restrictions and approvals).

Public Utilities: Public Utilities has identified a need to replace the old sanitary sewer lines from Pump Station #7 north to and including Rosemont Avenue. This is part of the SSES Phase I project. Since construction will take place behind the South Norfolk Museum, along Godwin Avenue and along Rosemont Avenue, we will look into replacing the 12″ force main behind the museum, an old 4″ water main in the Godwin area, and an old 2″ galvanized water line along Rosemont Avenue. These water lines will loop into the existing 6″ water main on Franklin Street. Also included in this project is the design and construction of storm drainage improvements in the area in cooperation with the Public Works Department.

Task Orders approved. Design Notice to Proceed issued August 1, 2012. 30% plan submittal anticipated in October 2012.

Public Utilities: In response to a DEQ Consent Order, CCTV inspection and smoke testing of sanitary sewers is underway. The results will provide for greater detail in a rehabilitation plan. The plan will result in project selection and prioritization for projects. The project includes performing “find and fix” projects as needed; watertight manhole inserts; progress toward final submittal of both the final rehabilitation plan and the regional wet weather management plan. The project is underway and is due to DEQ in November 2013.

Parks and Recreation: The Portlock Senior Center offers a variety of ongoing activities for seniors including table games, card playing, billiards and more. The facility also hosts the Senior Day Program. Additionally, these other activities are offered: Crochet at the Portlock; Young @ Heart Line Dance at the Portlock in SONO, and the Senior Games – Portlock Day (annual event for Seniors).

Parks and Recreation: Gym floor refinishing is scheduled for November 17.
A variety of renovation services funded by CDBG funds are planned for the center. An IFB contract was reviewed by Purchasing. Purchasing is in the process of finalizing the award contract with the selected bidder.

The Adult Basketball Summer League is a new program for 2012 at SNCC. This is a successful new initiative providing summer adult basketball league opportunities for citizens citywide concluded in August. Games played at South Norfolk Community Center.

The annual Touch-A-Truck event was held in October with 200 participants. Various City department vehicles were provided and activities and entertainment for the children including 100 miniature toy car giveaways.

The SNCC continues to provide support to seniors clubs; two Senior Clubs meet at SNCC on a regular basis.

Planning: By October 26, a brochure will be mailed to all property owners in the Historic District advising them of the financial hardship application process for metal roof replacements. The Process went into effect October 18, 2012. City Council received a memo last week explaining the notification process.

Planning’s updates for next week’s briefing with the South Norfolk revitalization group mainly involves an update on the continued implementation/rollout of the South Norfolk Historic District metal roof hardship process, as follows:

Application forms for the new process were made available to the public in the lobby of the Planning Department as of the official start date of October 18;

Information about the new process was also made available on the Chesapeake Board of Historic and Architectural Review’s web page at;

A memorandum was sent to City Council on October 18 to make them aware of the official initiation of the new process, as well as public notification steps being taken by Planning staff;

An information item for the new process, including a map of the South Norfolk Historic District, is being prepared for the Real Time Update for the week of October 22-26; and

An informational brochure explaining the process has been prepared and will be mailed to all homeowners within the historic district as soon as the mailing packages can be prepared.

Public Works: PW has spent the $45K in TIF funds on various street lighting projects all over the borough. Focus on Seaboard, West Munden, and Cascade.

Police: The Police Department drove the Historic Area of South Norfolk on October 17 and recorded (24) lights out. These were entered into the CSR System to be addressed.
A tour is being coordinated between the Police Department and Public Works.

Public Utilities: Public Utilities is working to restore utility cuts in concrete streets within the South Norfolk Historic District, as well as finding and fixing cave-ins associated with sanitary sewer leaks. Cave-ins will continue to be managed until comprehensive rehabilitation can be completed.

Planning: On October 18, City Council voted unanimously to deny a use permit application (UP-12-07) to operate a child day care facility in the Varsity Manor neighborhood.

Public Utilities: Work on the Violet Street Emergency Generator is approximately 95% complete. The generator has been installed and tested and will provide backup power to this important water pumping facility. Completion is anticipated in November 2012.

Public Utilities: Public Utilities will perform routine maintenance of the water distribution system by changing disinfection from chlorinates to chlorine. The method of disinfection was converted back to chlorinates on October 22. Maintenance began on October 18 and lasted through October 22.

Parks and Recreation: Youth basketball registration will be on October 30, November 1 and November 3 at the SNCC. Games will be played at the South Norfolk Community Center; practices begin in late November.
End of Report