By DeWitte

Dec. 24, 2015
There are a lot of things to do in our area and over the next few posts, I will point some of them out.

For instance, have you been over the Jordan Bridge yet – without a vehicle? The view is spectacular from the giant 8′ pedestrian walkway that traverses the entire 5,375 feet. The bridge is almost 170 feet above water which makes it the highest bridge in the region. From the very top, you can see both the Norfolk Waterside area and also Town Center in Virginia Beach! We’ve made the trip over twice on bikes and while the ride up is a bit rough (sometimes requiring walking), the ride down is quite worth it as we approached speeds of 35mph (wear a helmet).

Once on the other side, you are only short distance from Historic Cradock and the Paradise Creek Nature Park. You can make a really nice one to two hour trip out of it and it’s terrific exercise too!

Here are a few of the photos from our last trip over:

The Norfolk / Town Point View

The Virginia Beach / Town Center View


And various other attractions

Various Views

If you take your time, you can also see some beautiful views of the Elizabeth River Park and surrounding area.  It might be cold right now, but on the next good day, you should consider taking a little trip up there.  Parking is easily accessible in the boat park and there are walkways leading up to the bridge from underneath.  Even if you only go to the top and come back, it’s definitely worth the visit – and the view!