Visit one of the many parks in South Norfolk!

It’s always fun!

Atlantic Ave. Park

1412 Atlantic Ave


Campostella Square Park

2019 Windy Road


Cascade Park (ball field)

1401 Hoover Avenue


Cascade Blvd Play Area

1060 Cascade Blvd


Consolvo Park

1800 Bainbridge Blvd


Elizabeth River Boat Ramp & Park

1400 Elizabeth River Way


James W. McNeil Park

1059 Cascade Blvd


Johnson Park Play Area/Shelter

1006 Grady Street


Lakeside Park

1441 Bainbridge Blvd


Plymouth Park

605 Pond Lane


Portlock Play Area

1217 Godwin Ave


South Hill Play Area

820 Bannister


Sunrise Hills Play Area

2831 Sunrise Ave


Wilmund Place

4172 Williamson Street


This information comes from this page of the City of Chesapeake’s web site.