Did you know South Norfolk has a business directory? It’s true!

SOUTHNORFOLK.US is here! This new business directory for South Norfolk that includes addresses, contact info and maps to the listings! Folks can review businesses and rate them with 1-5 stars. If your business is already listed, just register on the site and we will transfer control of your listing to you.

This is a free service. Everyone who has a business is invited to sign up and list their businesses. Listings can have logos and pictures… You could include whole menus, if you wanted!

Also, the site has been built to be “responsive.” That means it will work and looks good on PCs, tablets and phones. We have begun registering the site in the search engines so folks with smart phones will be served this page under special GPS services… or, in other words, if you are in South Norfolk, the site will know you are nearby!