By Suzy Loonam

SOUTH NORFOLK – OCT. 12, 2020 — We wanted to attend the first SNCL meeting in months, but we are high-risk, so, for the first time, we covered the South Norfolk Civic League (SNCL) meeting from our home Monday night, via Facebook Live.

We were among 15-20 others who watched the SNCL meeting via live-streaming from Facebook. While it was sometimes hard to hear, we were able to cast the meeting to our livingroom television and our accommodations were safe and comfortable.

The recorded meeting is available in its entirety below.

We assume the SNCL meeting came to order in the usual way with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, although we missed that part of the meeting. There was no “old business” to report.

Volunteers needed for First Responders’ Appreciation Day, Oct. 17

SNCL President Tim Buma announced that First Responders Appreciation Day will be presented jointly by the South Norfolk Ruritans and the South Norfolk Civic League on Saturday, Oct. 17, at the grassy area in front of the fire station.

Volunteers will be serving breakfast at 7 a.m., a chicken lunch at 11 a.m. and a barbecue dinner at 4 p.m. to show appreciation to our first responders.

Volunteers are needed all day for the event. Arrive ready with apron, mask and gloves if you have them. (We added that last part).

SNCL has election in November

Buma also announced that two SNCL officer positions – president and secretary — are up for reelection in November. In light of current situations, Buma and secretary Susan Penick have agreed to fill the positions for another term. If anyone else wants to run, please contact someone with the SNCL before the next meeting.

SNCL votes to support SN Woman’s Club calendar

The SNCL Membership voted to buy an ad in the South Norfolk Woman’s Club’s 2021 calendar. Contact any member of the club to order your 2021 calendar.

Raised garden beds available in the South Norfolk Community Garden

Gregory Gonzales, president of the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch announced the availability of some raised garden beds in the South Norfolk Community Garden at 1014 Jefferson St. in the historic district. Message the group’s Facebook page for more information.

Gonzales said he will continue to make improvements to the community garden, and we are sure he can use some volunteers. Please message Gonzales through the group’s Facebook page.

Caring residents make South Norfolk special, Landfair says

Capt. John Landfair, commanding officer of the Second Precinct of the Chesapeake Police Department, spoke about South Norfolk and Portlock residents’ commitment to quality of life in the community, and how that makes the community special.

Landfair said he was sad to report that with eight homicides in the last year, there has been a significant increase in violent crime in our area. “We’re dedicated to combating that increase in crime,” he said, adding that, overall, crime is down 14%.

He announced a new initiative, starting Oct. 14, that will include special assignments for members of CPD’s Gang, Criminal Investigation and Crime Units going into hostile areas of the Second Precinct to address gang related and possible gang war activities.

The effort will be more concentrated, he said, with about 10 officers dedicated to the crackdown on crime “to send a message to violent offenders.”

What Landfair needs from the community, he said, is a grassroots cry from the public of “no more!”

“We’re going to be out there in every section of South Norfolk, but we need citizens’ help. If you see something, say something,” Landfair said. Improvement “depends on you caring enough to say enough is enough.”

Dirt bikes, fireworks, gunfire are problems

A live-stream viewer asked about dirt bikes in the area. Landfair said dirt bikes are, oddly, a big problem right now, here, in DC and elsewhere. “We get calls about this almost every day,” he said.

Issues with fireworks are a similar problem that seems to have subsided somewhat, but he encouraged everyone to report fireworks or gunfire when they are heard.

SNCL to help Campostella Civic League

Members of the Campostella Civic League attended the meeting and said they have had some problems finding a place to meet without cost. South Norfolk Civic League officers pledged to help them with their growing pains.

The next meeting

The next meeting of the South Norfolk Civic League will be held Nov. 9. Watch for notices of time and location of the meeting coming soon.

SNCL Memberships available

Memberships to the South Norfolk Civic League are $5 for individuals and $10 for families per year. You may mail a check to PO Box 5508, Chesapeake, VA 23324 to join. Visit the South Norfolk Civic League’s website, here.


Join the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch

For more information on the South Norfolk Neighborhood Watch, please visit their website and their Facebook pages.

Many thanks Chesapeake Avenue United Methodist Church for hosting the meetings.